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How to Join a Palworld Server

How to Join a Palworld Server – Introduction

Palworld servers bring you and your friends into a “Pokemon”-like world on an adventure to catch Pals, survive, and build epic creations. A lot of fun can be had as you explore and catch more companions and this is exemplified when you play on a server with friends. Therefore, it’s important to know how to connect and join together. From there, you can take on dungeons, defeat difficult bosses, and even trade your Pals with others. In this guide, we will show you how to join your Palworld server to play in this epic quest together!

How to Join a Palworld Server with IP Address

    1. Firstly, open your Palworld server web interface and ensure it is online.
    2. Then, copy and paste your server IP from the Connection Info
    3. From there, start Palworld on your computer.
    4. At the main menu, press “Join Multiplayer Game
    5. Afterward, you’ll see an IP box. Add your server IP and press “Connect”.
    6. Finally, after a short time, you will be connected to your game server!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am unable to find my Palworld server. Why?

Palworld is currently an early-access title. Due to this, there may be bugs that you encounter in-game such as minor issues with the server list browser. If you encounter an issue searching for your server through name, it’s recommended to connect through an IP address until this is fully resolved in the future.

Can’t connect to my Palworld game server.

When joining a server, you may face issues with being unable to join. This may often be followed by errors and can make playing a frustrating experience. Most commonly, this means that the server is either not online yet or that the server IP may be wrong. We recommend verifying that the server has fully started and that you’re connecting with the regular IP address and port. Once done, that’ll ensure you can connect directly to your Palworld server and play with friends!

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